there must be some kind of way out of here

“So why did your family decide to move to New Haven anyway?”

I stared at Daniel for a split second too long and shrugged to myself.

“I never much thought about it.”

Rolling over to pick a rogue eyelash from his sun-warmed cheek, I smiled a secret smile reserved for only the likes of him.

“They say if you stare into the sun long enough, it will burn your retinas completely away and you’ll be blinded.” Daniel grinned, his slightly gap-toothed smile flashing in the rays of late-summer sun.

I sighed and rolled back onto the limp, sun-scorched grass.

“I don’t know… I think that’s one of those old wives’ tales that all paranoid mothers tell their offspring. Its part of the delicate balance of fear and guilt that parents use to control their kids.”

I tossed an ironic grin in his direction and flopped onto My belly. Clouds paraded serenely across the August sky, like so many unshorn sheep and spun cotton balls. Daniel squinted and focused on a spot far in the distance.

“It looks like rain.”


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