Don’t Think Twice (It’s Alright) – Bob Dylan



In prep for my upcoming show *PLUG*



A collaborative look at the figurative art process.

Chapel Arts

(304 Dunlevy Avenue)
Vancouver, BC

7$ Donation at the door
Friday, March 28, 2008 at 8:00pmNegar Hooshmand –make-up

Some highlights of the exhibit/show:n504723451_609514_5014.jpg

– Figurative oil paintings/ Figurative Ink Drawings on Canvas/Figurative Acrylic paintings/Pastel Drawings

– Models will be present/Professional photos of the models(head shots) will be posted.

– Contributing artists (female vocalist, band, dj,photographer, make up artist, videographer)will be visible at the venue, in person as well as through visual representation

– Video will be shown to highlight the models preparing to be photographed, being photographed in preparation for the figurative work.It is also worth noting that it is a collective of people working together; collaborating, sharing, applying creative thought from their own area of specialization. This will allow the audience to see elements involved in the creation of a final piece of figurative art, as it is never a solely individual process.

Featured Artists:

Adrian Fuerth – oil paintings

Nathalie Morin – acrylic/ink paintings

Contributing Artists:

Elisha Clement -photo

Ellen Yang -pastel drawings (figurative)

Sheryda Warrener – poetry

Wiliam D. Amendola -video

Live Entertainment:

Bex- Folk

Never Forget Anyone

DJ Yes, Yes, NO! Yes

Models: Bex Apostoli, Elisha Clement, Ellen Yang, Erin Boswell, Laura Byspalko, Sarah Albrecht, Sara Mullin, Sheryda Warrener, Nikki Reimer




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