Music to my ears

So I finished a new song today. weeeeeeeI’m glad I got over my writer’s block, its been a couple weeks since I had an inspiration. I didnt sleep Friday night, had a crazy day at work yesterday and last night my muze returned and ravished me. ;D  It’s a good one, I think. Inspired by a person that I’ve come to know loosely through a friend. Maybe “know” is too strong a word, but I’ve heard more about her than I ever wanted to. haha. It’s strange, because an infatuation with one person can sometimes become displaced and  focused on whatever it is they are infatuated with. There’s a word for that, it’s slipping my mind. Transference? Im going to record it tonight and work some more on it before the show. I hope it’s ready to debut at Chapel Arts. It is fitting, seeing as that night will be my send-off before jetting back to the island to start work on the 1st.I’m going to be overseeing two german homestay workers this spring/summer I just found out. I’m pretty excited to have another girl my age on the farm! I remember a little German from my time in the Waldorf system but im looking forward to learning a lot more.I’m also planning a camping trip to Tofino for May long weekend. I lucked out and got a beachfront spot at Bella Pacific, where I stayed last year. Praying for a repeat of the good weather!  


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