I dont know what I knew before

So life on the island is in full swing… I’ve been so incredibly busy I’ve not even thought about updating here. It’s a struggle just to get a few minutes to catch up on email, FB and pictures. I’ve been taking a lot of photo’s, having access to a great digital and video camera helps, i suppose ;D

I’m setting up a wireless network at home right now and finding myself so frustrated with PC’s and Vista in particular. *sigh*

My Dad is a dyed in the wool PC freak, totally anti-Mac and rather disdainful of my affections for my Macbook pro. I don’t think we’re seeing eye to eye on anything these days.

Work at the Pioneer House started today, they’ve upgraded to SquirrelOne, which is awesome. They were so out of date before, it makes serving so much easier when you have a good system to work on. So im making money there, and overseeing my German farmstay girl. We’re gonna go check out the local saturday market tomorrow.

I have plans for launching a local, 100% alpaca knitwear line. My mom and I have been crocheting up a storm, and I learned how to use the sock knitting machine. It’s sooooo fast. I can make a pair of legwarmers in about 10 minutes!! I have two outlets so far that want to carry my creations, so I’d better get that on the go. Designs are done. It’s going to consist of earthtone and natural colored fibres- hats, toques, felts, gloves, legwarmers, sock, arm warmers, scarves, ponchos and wraps. I’m pretty effing stoked!!


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