CJSF, Vancouver & Farm Life


Eric Jong – www.jellyroll.ca

So I went and played the folk show “Melodies in Mind” on CJSF last week. A big thanks to host Ryan Fletcher for having me and a friendly “what up!” to all the performers who joined me – Ethan, Kaylee, Bowen and Jon. It was a great experience, and definitely one I won’t forget for a long time. I have reproved my Mom’s theory that I should never perform new songs until I’ve gotten them solid. A lesson learned there, methnks.

Vancouver was a trip, having Lindsay back for a visit was awesome. We hit the Railway for Rich Hope’s Honky Tonk Dance Party (the last Tuesday of the month,) and it was a gas. I honestly recommend checking that out, and fully endorse dressing the part. This guy does not mess around.

Wednesday we hit Hipster Karaoke at the Legion on Main and I won a free drink for my rendition of Billie Holiday’s “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”. I pretty much pwnz0r’d that night you might say… Although I offer a serious disclaimer to not sing *too* well as the creepy 70 year old doorguy will not let you alone after. I’ve never been propositioned by a veteran before, and I can say I felt oddly guilty for turning him down. Like I should have taken one for the team or something? *wince*

Today I’m building a teepee on the farm. My mom is back on this native spirituality trip again, so out come the drums and the pipe and the teepee. It’s all good though, atleast I’m never bored around here. ;D


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