Days Go By

Wow.. Long time no update!

So much is happening in my life right now I forget about blogging, basically everything is taking a backseat to my music right now.

I quit my day job. (!!)

I found a GREAT producer.

I’m making an album in August.

I wrote a grant proposal that I submitted last night.

I’m working at the Comox music fest next weekend.

Performing at the Islands Folk Fest in two weeks!! It’s been my dream to perform there, ever since I was a little girl. Last year I did get on stage with T. Nile. but that was more of a nice gesture to me for being there, helping her out with the management aspect. This time it will be me, my music, my audience. Feels so great to be getting somewhere!

I am taking a weekend off to go check out Soundwave. Camping, music, beach, friends, fun!

I’m registered with both Uvic and Mal for the fall..  Uvic wouldnt give me any credit for my arts management certificate so I probably will end up going to mal for a year then transfering to Uvic. credits intact. haha

So things are happening, slowly but surely. Keeping my fingers crossed on this grant!

Also quit smoking and I’ve dropped a few lbs.. island life is so good for me!


2 Responses to “Days Go By”

  1. wow!!! congrats on all the great stuff going on in your life,
    we should connect soon,
    lotsa love,

  2. yes, for sure!!
    I LOVE the new album. so do my folks ;D
    I’ve been meaning to get a real copy, instead of just playing it on myspace. heh
    You are on iTunes i hope!!


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