Yell Fire

After all these years I’ve finally quit quitting

I’ve stopped knit-picking

all the little moles are safe

I’ve stopped turning their holes

into Mountains

and flipped hurdles into I CAN

I’m becoming a singer

A woman

there’s nothing like life on this swiftly tilting earth

to show you exactly what you are worth

it’s time we learned, regardless

if you’re male or female

we’re all for sale

and as you barter for your life

dont get caught up in assuming

you’re worth less than your price

The world is burning

we’re all stuck on its continuous turning

but the world is burning

while lemmings play follow the leader

all plugged into their infinite hardwire

and im looking around with desperation and desire

wondering why I’m the only one yelling fire?

It’s saturday night in big city lights

and I’m looking around but all I see

are bearded ladies riding tiny horses

the ridiculousness of the human circus

and the men in charge who think they can jerk us

around on their strings never realizing that

puppets are made of finer things

a marionette

better yet – make me marie antoinette

and when our spiritual hunger for god’s grace is at the expense of God’s sake


let them eat cake all day

no matter the stomach-aches and tooth decay

we’ll start labeling our cultural staples with

“Nutritional Value” breakdowns

so we’ll know when we’ve reached our daily saturation

of gratuitous sex, violence and media clowns

Is ignorance an excuse?

are we raising sugar-crazed axe murderers

and prima donna popstars just to

let them loose?

Are we aiming for that star which is really a streetlight

are we dodging the bullets of a previous generation’s futile fight

to keep the world as it was in their adolescent dream

of a paved America, just a little too clean?

The streets have turned mean.

The stars have lost their sheen.

they’re far off diamonds buried in the stream

of carbon gas, hydrogen mask

but all we can ask for is a little more green.

I mean, it’s all just part of some mass marketing scheme


why buy the milk when you can enslave the cow?

make her servile to market share and inflation

never allow her to rise above her station

we’re all plugged into a vast milking machine of enculturation

it’s not enough to just let us be

now they get our dreams for free

and pervert them with product placement

so what we want is ALL we see.

our world is burning.

buy your SUV.

but our world is burning

we’re all slaves to desire

and as these flames grow higher

I wonder why I’m the only one yelling FIRE.


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