Recording at glassWing Studios with the inimitable Richard Sales!

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So it’s official… if you haven’t heard yet I am recording my first professional EP-styles release with Richard Sales of glassWing studios!

Richard has engineered some amazing artists, from John Fahey to Danny Gatton to Bernice Reagon of Sweet Honey In The Rock and her wonderful daughter Toshi Reagon. He recorded Miles Davis (with Jim Smith), Wavy Gravy, Ken Kesey and tons of other folks.

He co-produced Hayley Sales’ first two records, First Flite and Drifter with Hayley. Produced Wavy Gravy (NAIRD award winning), Bhagavan Das, Shree Maa and Stories From The Hearth, winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

It should be noted that Richard Sales (and his GlassWing Studios) primarily wrote, produced and recorded music for film, interactive and video from 1989-2003. Most of his credits will be from that era: Nike, The Grateful Dead, PBS, Microsoft, ESPN, Apple, Intel, Warner Interactive, General Motors, Safeway, The Oregon Symphony and many more. From 2003 to present he has been developing his daughter, Hayley Sales. He ghost co produced, recorded and mixed Sunseed at GlassWing Studios.

The album, which has been un-offically dubbed “The Honesty EP”, will feature my original songs Righteous Babe, This Love, Kimberly, What’s Your Sign? and Joan Baez. I might also be including the spoken word piece Fire, but that’s still a work in progess, but if you think I should include it then by all means let me know. I’m all about artist feedback!
Lending his sweet guitar licks and mandolin will be my lovely accompanist and partner in crime Tad Ruszel! As well the incomparable Marisha Devoin on upright bass, and Mr. Galen Mongeau on cajon/percussion. I am so thankful and excited to have this amazing talent on my team…

Recording sessions are booked for August 20-28th, so count on seeing The Honesty EP appear in its final conception around mid-September!

I’ll be sure to send out a mass email with a link where you can obtain my little baby. *tear*

It’s akin to giving birth, that’s all I can say! So much time, energy, work, money and love invested in this little bundle of joy, I truly hope it will bring as much love to all you guys as it has for me.



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