Happy 50th LJ!!

rawkin it out @ the DGS

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Last night was Longevity John’s 50th birthday celebration and it went down in style at the Duncan Garage Showroom in the City of Totems, beautiful Duncan, BC.
I was there and played a short set of two new songs I’ve written in the last month and a couple of my old standards, This Love and Righteous Babe.
The new songs went well, I felt starting with a slow one was a good move, got the audience’s attention while they slowly trickled in from the patio in a haze of maryjane and intoxicating evening air.
Also on the stage were BOAB from the Sunshine Coast, really nice guys. As well a hopping new jazz trio called Sinistro, (blew my mind.. incredible drummer, drool-worthy guitars and a fabulous vintage Korg organ.)
I would have liked to stay to check out the other acts (Zoe Lauckner, Beverley McKeen with Marty Jones, Rob McKenzie, Bill Levity all represented,) but with the hectic recording schedule and looming BACK TO SCHOOL on Tues, my eyes were barely staying open as it was.
A very chill, laid-back performance from me, which is strange since getting on stage usually gets me all fired up. A change of pace you might say. I felt more articulate, more intentful in choosing my words and communicating them to the audience, as well as more careful in controlling my tone and enunciation.
Sang a special new song for a special new somebody in my life, will record a demo of that shortly so keep your eyes on myspace.

Over and out!


2 Responses to “Happy 50th LJ!!”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe I JUST found your blog. Lordy. I’ll have to link it to my blog.

  2. awesome!! i count on hearing and seeing all about your adventures over the next year miss!! ;D

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