the honesty ep

the honesty ep

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I once heard a great quote..
There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and RELEASE DATES.


so true!

Richards hard drive at the studio has just crashed which means that mixing cannot proceed until he gets a new one. Fortunately he is a smart man and keeps all his data on external, but for the time being it sucks because I wanted to have this done in September. *sigh*
Maybe I am to blame for putting it off last weekend and going to Vancouver instead. It’s true I did get some more feedback and time to listen to the tracks but I kind of wished I stayed and got it done now.
It will probably be another couple weeks before I can start working on the mixing at glassWing now.
Which means… probably no record until mid-Octoberish.
I do, however, have the art and a graphic designer, as well as my manufacturing money now.. so I guess full steam ahead on that until I can get back to the mixing board.


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