time to get Flipped!

time to get Flipped!

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So.. to celebrate national digital media day I decided to invest in a handy little piece of technology that is fairly new to Canada.
I want to start documenting this crazy process of musicking, schooling, learning, loving, etc that is my life. A record for posterity, perhaps. I’m not quite sure what the final result may be, and am unattached to the idea of any kind of end product. I want to start vlogging because I think it could be useful to me, in terms of utilizing my time more effectively, recording my thoughts and making a record of everything that happens to me this year.
I have a feeling about this year… some crazy stuff is going to happen and I want to remember it all! and share it with you, of course ;D
So keep an eye out for updates on the FB’s, flickr and youtube. I will see about setting up a vlog account somewhere, so if you have a recommendation please let me know!
I also am now the proud owner of http://www.thehonestyep.com.
I’m doing all the coding myself as part of my Digi 110 class and I must say that CSS r0x0rz muh b0x0r currently. I think the last time I did anything with markup was probably HTML 2.0 haha. we’ve come a loooong way since I was 13 ;D

Looking forward to sharing all my crazy adventures with you!!


2 Responses to “time to get Flipped!”

  1. I like http://vimeo.com/ for vlog viewing/reading. A lot of people use it so it might be nice from the other side of it as well. Good luck!

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