vlog post – missy model


2 Responses to “vlog post – missy model”

  1. You shocked me with “corporate penis”! Pardon me while I giggle like a Japanese schoolgirl… ok, I think I’m over it 😛 And, no, I didn’t find the harmonica too harsh… it was lovely.

    About models, though, I’ve gotta say… I LOVE what Ford Models is doing with their YouTube channel. I’ve been following their fitness models’ pilates/yoga videos… and they’re really well done. It’s also nice to see the girls being themselves and natural… and SPEAKING! It’s nice to see these models actually have a voice! 😛

  2. hi casey.. nice to see you on my humble little blog! I’m honored ;D

    i have to agree that in some ways the fashion industry is coming around on certain issues, eg. BMI restrictions and using more models of color. I think the problem I have is mainly with the commodification of sex by commercial entities like advertising and while I love some editorial, the homogeneity of body types, skin color, and age makes me frustrated. I’m also on the same page with you about fashion being a strictly personal endeavor, of course having outside influences but mostly it should be up to the individual to make up their own minds instead of being slavishly tied to what magazines editors tell them.
    I do love a good French Vogue every now and again tho.. the art of it is credible, just sometimes the details make me feel conflicted.

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