the existential sock crisis (now with 20% more non sequiturs)

it’s sunday so I washed my hair. I tend to do all my best thinking in the shower, because that of course, is the one place where i cannot record any of my thoughts. I’m working on a prototype water-proofing method for my flip mino (who I’ve named Lloyd,) so he can join me in there.

sock map to the soul

sock map to the soul

I’ve yet to see anyone do a shower vlog, although I’m sure it’s out there. That’s not something that I’m going to actively seek out. I’d just rather not know and claim it to be an original thought of my own. i prefer the blissful waft of ignorance like so much french fry grease past an open window…

I’m really into 12seconds lately, taking microblogging into video format. tres cool. and not as easy as it sounds. I wonder if 12 seconds might be the new indicator of modern attention spans? Can you condense your message into 140 characters or less? No? well I guess you’re screwed.
I havent written here for awhile because I was feeling a little down on the whole blogging thing. Sometimes the internet can be too small a universe for two people. it can get slightly claustrophobic. I’ve always had a problem with anxiety and claustrophobia. my fear of small confined spaces has led me into many a strange circumstance (like having perpetually miss-matched socks and once getting busted trying to pee into an empty Orange Crush can on a trans-Atlantic flight.) I never want to crawl into the back of my closet to find those one-of socks. I have to wonder- do they just kind of disappear into the abyss when no one is looking for them? or is it only a longed-for sock that is elusive? if a lone sock falls in the forest does it make a sound?


2 Responses to “the existential sock crisis (now with 20% more non sequiturs)”

  1. I do my best thinking when I pee. Sometimes I can hardly wait to finish peeing because I had a great idea. It’s really a bummer when I have forgotten it by the time I’ve finished washing my hands. That’s always a sad day.

    • awww i get that sometimes too. especially on *ahem* longer sojourns on the porcelain throne.
      I try to keep a notebook in there. a bunch in my bags, one in my car, etc etc
      driving is also another time i get inspiration.

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