Birthday Weekend Shenanigans

Howdy y’all!

on the ferry!

on the ferry!

This weekend was my 25th birthday celebration so I ventured to Vancouver on saturday to chill out, shop, eat and hang with friends new and old!

First on the agenda was a little Gastown shopping mish. I checked out Dream, which was really disappointing as they usually are my fave spot, but didn’t really have anything that caught my fancy. So I moved across the street to The Block, where they were having an awesome sale. I picked up this cute little black Michael Kors asymmetrical neck dress with a layered tulip skirt for 50% off. Fits like a glove, can’t wait to rock this for a hot date or dancing. (Will post pics soon!)

Grabbed a yummy green salad with bocconcini and cafe-au-lait from Brioche and chilled on their sidewalk in the warm afternoon sun, lovely.  ;D

@jennmae entry in the lolcat contest at #lamecamp09

@jennmae's entry in the lolcat contest at #lamecamp09

Next up was #lamecamp09 at the Cambie, organized by the lovely @shallomj of Stylefinds and @fiercekitty of Meow.Meow. @kk of static photography stepped in as sponsor and made sure the afternoon was well lubricated with Beaver Buzz, Strongbow and other goodies.

A number of awesomely lame activities enlivened the afternoon, such as the “live tweet” contest, draw yer own lolcat, and the beaver buzz shotgun competition (which I KILLED!) A bunch of awesome “last stall” bathroom photos were taken, can’t wait to see those! Check out the lamecamp foto pool on flickr.

It was great to put faces to a bunch of twitter friends and meet new ones such as @gusgreeper, @abc4, @jennmae, @hummingbird604, @hez, @tpotratz, @fionagarden, @leedman and @thedarkerside.  hollah! Hope to see a bunch of you at #northernvoice09!

kyle's rad new inkness

kyle's rad new inkness

My next stop on the Magical Birthday Tour was the Red Room for the devastating sounds of metal gods Nylithia. My friend Kyle is their lead singer and a showman to end all shows. He’s so hardcore that he found a way to still throw up the devil horns even when he’s mad shredding on his guitar. This guy rocks so much I have to post a video to show it.

My final destination was Dubforms – taking place at Open Studios on Main @ 1st ave and presented by lighta! sound + new forms festival. This is an amazing space, picture an old school warehouse setting for a party, huge projection screens, raised tiers off the side of the room and a raised loft at the rear (420 friendly! yes!) I was hangin out with my bud @kailasj, his grrl christina and another good old friend alexis and her crew. The music was bumpin’ dubstep, courtesy of 2562, DJ G, Daega SoundSase One and local champ Andabeat. It was sick!! Havent dance that much in years and the crowd was awesome ;D Here’s a vid of the wicked firebreather Zac.

A big shout-out to my new friend John Richardson, who very chivalrously walked me home apres Dubforms. what a truly random but appreciated act of kindness that was, and I highly enjoyed meeting such an inspiring person. John is the executive director of Pivot Legal Society– a group of community-minded folks I’ve been following for a few years now. Former Pivot lawyer David Eby is the reason I’m going to law school, so it was nice to make that connection with a possible mentor.

Also would like to give a what up! shoutout to my new friend @msffx, with whom i had the pleasure of sitting in on a photoshoot of @kk‘s on sunday. This girl totally rocked my socks in person, on top of running a rad photography business! (I also hear she’s starting a blog about her photography/life awesomeness soon! yay) check her out for now on her flickr.

ciao bebes!


2 Responses to “Birthday Weekend Shenanigans”

  1. Happy birthday weekend shenanigans!

  2. Hi Bex! just saw your posting as i was Diggin’ my photography. thanks for the blurb, you rock too! hearts <3’s

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