Tie One On…

credit: paperTorch

credit: paperTorch

So back in the 60’s my mom and various other flower-children/acid-freaks/deadheads came up with a
fashion aesthetic that is now considered pretty damn cool. Tie Dye and acid dying is back in a
big way, and not only the DIY’ers and American Apparel hipsters are jumping on board – you can
see examples of tie dye’s rebirth on the runway as well – designers such as Emma Cook, Jesse Hill and Karen Walker
have utilized this technique to jazz up everything from sundresses to jeans to vests.

This funky and easy dye style can bring your everyday apparel from boring to BOILING and revive
those yawn-worthy pieces of your wardrobe you might have forgotten.

Here’s how you do it!

First you will need a covered area with a good amount of work space. Throw down an old sheet or some
newsprint to save your floor from dye drips.dscf3428

Find an old garment or piece of fabric to work with. I chose an old cotton table cloth with a lace


border that will lend itself well to a garment of some kind after it’s dyed.

Tie your garment by creating twists in the fabric and continue twisting until the whole thing is
all bundled up. Secure with elastic bands.

Prepare your dyes. I chose to use two colors. About a teaspoon of dye is sufficient for a small item.
Mix with about a cup of HOT water and stir. Be careful to use different utensils for each color you use.

Next you need to experiment with different techniques of applying the dye to your bundle of fabric or garment.
You can spray, dribble, mist, pour, squirt or submerge your bundle until it is sufficiently colorful
or wont take on any more dye (although I find in my experience that less is more, it creates more
interesting dye patterns.)

to prevent the dyes from bleeding I undo my bundle right away and lie it flat for drying.
If you are pleased with the result then continue on to the next step.
if the garment isnt sufficiently dyed to your liking then repeat the process again until
it is groovy ;D

When the garment is dry, submberge it in a vinegar bath to set the colors. Usually I pour about a cup
of plain white vinegar into a large bowl (about 5 quarts) of cold water and let it soak in the
bath for about 5- 10 minutes. Then you can wash the garment separately with plain detergent in your washing
machine or handwash. Allow to dry… and enjoy ;D



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