2010 Convergence

hey y’all,

so I’ve been thinking about doing a post on this for awhile, but it’s taken some time to get organized. What with LSAT, last semester of my BA degree, commuting between Van and Nanaimo, and all the other wonderful things I do, this blog has taken a back seat. But never fear, I’ve finally got my shit sorted and compiled a list of things to do, places to go and people to see for the resistance-minded citizens among us during the 2010 Olympics. w00t!

The Lead-Up! Pre-Convergence Activities

So I’ve been busy the past couple weeks with a variety of projects which you may or may not feel up to, but think about what you can contribute to the convergence activities as far as your skills, talents, abilities, passions, etc and leverage those assets to enhance the experience for yourself and those around you!

credit: the blackbird

1) ART – posters, stencils, zines, stickers, personalized t-shirts with your favorite slogans or resistance quotations. Respect independent artists (but not corporate brands and logos! those are free game, IMHO) and search for Creative Commons licensed artwork or create your own unique pieces to highlight the themes you care most about.

2) COSTUMES – resistance is about color, diversity, inclusion and even humor! the best and most eye catching outfits lend a feeling of celebration and also help get people’s attention. I personally love seeing the tongue-in-cheek social commentary that happens through a well thought out costume. Check out the “Condo King” at the recent Line In The Sand action… hilarious, effective and thought-provoking.

3) MUSIC – I know not everyone out there is musically inclined, but I’ve been working on some specific resistance and 2010 themed songs to perform in the next couple weeks. Grab a guitar, harmonica, djembe or whatever and learn your favorite Dylan tune or old school worker song! If you are completely tone deaf, think up some good chants for the marches.

4) EDUCATION –  Do you know what the issues are? Which ones do you care most about? Pick a focus and learn as much as you can about it. Check the blogs, mainstream media coverage, indie media news, academic papers and figure out where the speakers you want to hear are going to be, and be there! If you’re planning on practicing civil disobedience, please read the BCCLA David Eby’s Arrest Handbook and know your rights.


There’s going to be a lot of different Convergence and resistance events going on, so here are my personal picks:

  • Olympic Resistance Summit. Wed, February 10, 12pm – 10pm, WISE Hall (1882 Adanac Street) and Centre for Socialist Education (706 Clark Drive) (map) Workshops and speakers on the impact of the Olympics on indigenous communities, the corporatization of the Games, legal rights, housing and poverty, and resistance. Childcare and food provided.
  • Take Back Our City. Fri, February 12, 3pm – 4pm Vancouver Art Gallery (map)
    On the day of the opening ceremony and the end of the Olympic torch relay, the 2010 Welcoming Committee plans a “lively” public festival at the Vancouver Art Gallery, followed by a parade to B.C. Place Stadium. All to showcase to the world the negative impacts of the Games on local communities and the environment. Childcare available.
  • 2010 Poverty Olympics opening ceremonies and games. Sun, February 7, 1:00pm – 3:30pm Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall (487 Alexander Street) (map) This third annual event is designed to internationally embarrass the Canadian, B.C., and city governments into addressing poverty. The opening ceremonies and games will feature a singing of the Poverty Anthem, sporting events (Welfare Hurdles and Skating Around Poverty), and mascots. Organized by Raise the Rates, Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House, Carnegie Community Action Project, B.C. Persons With AIDS Society, Streams of Justice, and Vancouver Area Network of Drugs Users.
  • Women and the Olympics. Sun, February 7, 6pm – 8pm Rhizome Café (317 East Broadway) (map)
    A panel discussion on women and the Olympics, presented by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.
  • 19th Annual Women’s Memorial March.  Sun, February 14, 12pm – 4pm Carnegie Community Centre Theatre (401 Main Street) (map)
    At noon, family members will speak in remembrance of murdered and missing women. At 1 p.m., the march will proceed through the Downtown Eastside. There will be speeches by activists at the police station, a healing circle at Oppenheimer Park around 3 p.m., and a community feast at the Japanese Language Hall. Organizers say the march is not a protest and ask attendees not to bring banners, flags, or leaflets.
  • People’s Prom Feb. 14th, Ukranian Hall 805 Pender St (@ Hawks Ave)
  • Bikes Inside! February 20, 2010 9pm-12am W2 Culture + Media House. Bike Porn visuals by Rev Phil! Indoor, head-to-head bike races with the Gastown Sprints! Disco, electro and dubstep by the Soft Infiltrators & Live dirty pop electro by Autacoid. Plus Bicycle Art, Prizes, Cheap Beer + More! Tickets are $10 at the door, or $8 in advance! Purchase them at bikesinside.com
    • Critical Mass bike ride Fri, February 26, 6pm – 7pm Vancouver Art Gallery (map)
      On the last Friday of every month, cyclists gather on the Georgia Street side of the Vancouver Art Gallery between 5 and 5:30 p.m. The ride leaves at 6 p.m. and travels through the streets of Vancouver.

    General Cool Things to Check Out/ Resistance Resources

    W2 Culture + Media House 112 W. Hastings

    W2 Perel Gallery – 112 W. Hastings

    VIVO – Throughout the Olympics, they are opening the doors of their Main Street studios (1965 Main Street) to the public. It is called “Safe Assembly:”
    “In keeping with our history, VIVO chose not to seek support through the 2010 Cultural Olympiad. As a hub for analysis, skill sharing, production, and collaboration, VIVO invites artists to consider their production in relation to the events and systems around them.”

    Spartacus Books – 684 East Hastings. Pick up some zines, a new copy of the anarchist’s cookbook, or browse the amusing selection of DIY patches, pins and apparel. Support an organization that fosters literacy and freedom of speech.

    credit: evan mcgraw

    Radio Station Cafe – East Hastings @ Columbia. This will be a gathering point for the resistance minded coffee nuts (like me) to gather, get juiced (on espresso!) access wifi and get hyped for the events. A great cafe with awesome baristas and a good selection of drinks, plus its right in the heart of the DTES.

    Light Bar – A new art series using light therapy to combat the Vancouver BLAHs  http://bright-light.ca/instant-coffee

    FREE CONCERTS! – We’re going to be paying for the Olympics for the next 50 odd years or so-why not have some fun and check out the entertainment without putting a cent in VANOC’s pocket? An additional way to spread the visibility and message of resistance in a more casual environment.

    Sat Feb 13 7:30-8:30pm: Califone in David Lam Park
    Sat Feb 13 9-10pm: Wilco in David Lam Park
    Mon Feb 15 5-6pm: DJ Spooky in David Lam Park
    Wed Feb 17 9:30-10:30pm: Hawksley Workman in Minoru Park (Richmond)
    Sat Feb 20 9:30-10:30pm: Sam Roberts Band in David Lam Park
    Tues Feb 23 8-9pm: Julie Doiron at Cambie & Georgia
    Tues Feb 23 8-9pm: Constantines in David Lam Park
    Tues Feb 23 9:30-10:30pm: Wintersleep in David Lam Park
    Wed Feb 24 9:30-10:30pm: Damien Marley in David Lam Park
    Fri Feb 26 9:30-10:30pm: Tokyo Police Club in Minoru Park (Richmond)
    Sat Feb 27 9:30-10:30pm: Blue Rodeo in David Lam Park


    That’s all folks! See you in Vancouver!


    One Response to “2010 Convergence”

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with point #4 – Education.
      Each of us needs to take a moment to decide what we truly want to focus our attention on. It is too overwhelming to take a broad swipe at the mountain of problems that need to be addressed.
      One person can not change everything, but one person who is focused on a few things will more effectively bring about change. Especially when that focused person joins other focused persons or encourages others to become focused, as you have in this blog.
      Thank you for this information and for being active.

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