An open letter to City officials regarding Red Gate eviction

    Subject:     Don’t kill one of Vancouver’s last independent cultural spaces
    Date:     June 3, 2011 11:16:52 AM PDT (CA)


Dear Mayor Robertson, Ms. Andrea Henning, Honorable City Council Members and Esteemed Department Directors,

This week the Red Gate, one of the Downtown Eastside’s most beloved cultural performance and exhibition spaces, was given a 30-day notice to vacate by the City of Vancouver Building Inspections Branch.

After seven years of operation at 152-156 W Hastings St, hosting everything from art exhibitions to dance performances to music production workshops to affordable artist studio space, this greatly needed cultural resource has been asked to close its doors and turn its back on the local community that has come to rely on it.

As an artist and musician as well as an employee of an arts-sector industry association, I cannot stand by while venues continue to be shut down, despite due diligence and effort on behalf of venue owners to comply with archaic city building and event regulations. The Red Gate and its operators have heard and met every reasonable demand of the city with regards to operating under the law within Vancouver. Furthermore, they provide an immeasurable and critical link of support to local artists and musicians, as well as the stimulation of grassroots industry and business in the DTES.

If the City of Vancouver chooses to enforce this notice of eviction it will leave a gaping, dead hole where there once was a lively, colorful and open space to gather and participate in emerging cultural communities.

On behalf of myself, my friends, colleagues, musicians and artists of Vancouver I’m requesting you halt the eviction order and give Red Gate a reasonable chance to meet the demands of the City Building Inspectors as well as the general respect of an open, two-way dialogue with City officials.

Yours in good faith,

Rebecca Apostoli
Program Administration Assistant
Music BC Industry Association
Address: #530 – 425 Carrall St. | Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3
Phone: 604.873.1914 | Fax: 604.873.9686
Email: | Web:




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