Your Weekly Playlist

Due to the nature of my job and proximity to music all day, every day, all year long- I’m constantly coming across new indie acts and great songs you should be listening to.

I think it would be rude not to share the wealth, no?

so from now on I’m going to be posting a new feature, “Your Weekly Playlist” every Wednesday. It won’t be genre specific, but just anything that is good and current that I think people should know about.

Have a listen and if you think your stuff compares, you can submit your tunes to me in my Soundcloud dropbox.

Send me your sounds

so here’s what’s stuck in my earholes this week:


1) Sex Party – Safe Words EP (download) [Booty Bass, Hip Hop, EDM]

2) Muta – Amor, est Remix  by Owl  [Glitch, Mimimal EDM]

3) Big Scary – Thinking About You (download) [Indie, Rock]

4) astroLogical – Flux EP [Mimimal, Ambient, EDM]

5) Paul Stewart – Permanence [Indie, Folk]

6) Heavy Steps – You, Conduit [Indie, Rock, Gaze]

7) Little Chords – Afterlife [indie, rock, nu-wave]

8) Zebrahim – In My Heart I am [Hip Hop, Indie, Soul]

9) Sleigh Bells – Run the Heart (Bassnectar Remix) [Indie, EDM]

10) Stanton Warriors – Tr0n Punk reBounce (download) [Breaks, Funk, EDM]

11) Ambassadors – Unconsolable (download) [Indie, Rock]


12) Machinedrum – MixMag MOTW (download)  [Minimal, Glitch, EDM]

13) Kori K – Basscoast Promo 2012 (download) [House, Breaks, Funk, EDM]


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