Your Weekly Playlist – Vol. 2

Back for another week of solid chunes!

Just a reminder, if you want to be considered for inclusion on Your Weekly Playlist, submit to my personal Dropbox here.

Send me your sounds

Here’s what’s jammin’ up my aural receptacles this week…


1) Alphabet’s Heaven – Arka (download) [Space Dub, EDM]

2) French Fries – Yo Vogue [Baile Funk, EDM]

3) Yes Nice – Empty Spaces (Oh No! Yoko Remix)  [Indie, Electro, Minimal]

4) Savoir Adore – Dreamers [Dream Pop, Electro, Indie]





5) Anais Mitchell – Coming Down (download) [Folk, Indie]

6) Chimpanzebras – Georgian house 1976 [Prog, Indie Rock]

7) Villa Kang – Hallucinating Arkansas (download) [Ambient, Downtempo, Gaze]

8) Cobrawolfshark – Put Your Hands (CWS Vocoder Remix) [Hip Hop, Downtempo]

9) Evy J – SAYSO [minimal, EDM]


10) DJG – URB Mag Mix (download) [Minimal, Glitch, EDM]


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