Your Weekly Playlist – Vol. 4

alley sc0rez

what was initially a slow music week has turned into a total deluge in the last 24 hours – so many great releases and release announcements. has me pretty stoked for the next month or so. spring is totally like christmas for music junkies 😉

speaking of christmas, I found this in my alley over the weekend. and it works! now to dig out the antique Advents with matching wood veneer!

here’s my wishlist for this week…

Your Weekly Playlist

1) Mr Fogg – Stay Out Of The Sun (Lex Jones Remix)

2) Robot Koch-Tapedeck feat. John LaMonica (Pavel Dovgal Remix) [Future, Bass, EDM]

3) Maya Jane Coles – Nobody Else (Youandewan Remix) [Deep, House, EDM]

4) Mooqee & Pimpsoul  – Keep Pounding [Funky, Breaks, Hip Hop]

5) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money [Electro, Nu-Disco, Wave, EDM]

Posting the video too cuz it’s freaking UH-MAZE

6) Kindness- House (download)  [downtempo, gaze, EDM]

7) Jai Paul – Jasmine [Indie, Downtempo, Electro]

8) Jessie Ware – Strangest Feeling [Vocal, Soul, R&B]

Mix of the Week

9) Nosaj Thing – Mary Anne Hobbs for XFM 3.31.2012 [Minimal, Tech, EDM]


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