Your Weekly Playlist – Vol. 5

excuse my absence as of late — tings been poppin!
last week I took a few days and visited the city of Portland and blogged all about it here:
but I’m back this week with more choice picks for your listening pleasure πŸ˜‰
without further adieu.. here is

Your Weekly Playlist

1) Bedroom – You’ll See (Toys EP) [Indie Rock] @bedxroom

2) Cityreal & Wes Mackey – Good Morning Blues [Hip Hop, Blues] @Cityreal

3) Celebrity Traffic – Stone Crows [Electro, Indie] @celeb_traffic

4) Mochipet & MC Zulu – To The East (Free Download) [Bass, Dub, EDM] @mochipetmobile

5) Benito – Slide Right [Downtempo, Glitch, EDM] @benitoSFO

6) Nautiluss – Sabbath [Downtempo, EDM] @nautiluss

7) Purity Ring – Obedear [Indie, Electronic] @purity_ring

8) Outsiders – Today (free download) [Hip hop] @outsidersasf

9) headSPace – Salmagundi (full album) [downtempo, chill] @jellyfishmusic

Mix of the Week

Ransom – Adventures in Woogieland LIB Mixtape [Bass, Glitch, Dubstep]
Ransom is in the running for the Lightning in a Bottle Woogie Stage contest.. go fave his mix and help him win the gig!


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