The Echo Friendly – Same Mistakes

you know how sometimes a song just fits perfectly with a certain moment, memory or movie scene? last night’s episode of Girls summed up with this incredible piece of John Hughes’ inflected 80’s shoegaze mastery and it just worked.

the thrumming guitar, repetitive melody, shuffling rhythm and unrepentantly girlish confessional lyrics all make it the perfect placement for a series like Girls, and one that made total sense for this episode in particular. I wonder if Lena Dunham or Judd Apatow chose it or if she has a person doing supervision for the series? (hint hint artists!)

This is *the* show for 2012, and I can only imagine how fast this relatively unknown boy-girl duo are going to blow up because of this tidy little placement. With no full album release and just a handful of catchy alt-pop singles, they join a healthy number of artists who are getting major exposure through internet/TV placements and making it big right out the gate still relatively early in their careers.

check out the echo friendly on tumblr, bandcamp, or tweet @theechofriendly


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