New Year, New Job, New Me…


2014 dawned pretty awesome for me… spent NYE with my amazing boyfriend Ryan at a lovely gathering of like-minded souls, proceeded to kick butt at a 21 day yoga challenge and general life detox, AND planned and launched the next new chapter of my professional career – Music Grants Canada, a grant writing and music marketing business– eventually to become a full-service à la carte management agency.

I’d been planning on developing my own freelance business for awhile, and had been taking on clients here and there when possible. In addition to a lengthy history of grant writing over the last 10 years (FACTOR, Radio Starmaker, MuchFACT, Canada Council, Community Gaming Grants, Province of BC, and more ) both professionally and for myself as an artist, I also had the opportunity to meet and understand the frustrations of new artists, most of whom were just struggling to be heard and have someone take them seriously.  My work in such close quarters with new and emerging artists taught me so much! Leaving Music BC on mutually-agreeable terms was the best thing that could have happened to me at that precise moment. I needed the push to  really give my new business the time and energy it deserves and needs to flourish, and I’m so glad I did!

So far I have three new clients, a new website, a fully-paid trip to SXSW and the opportunity to speak on a panel about music funding! With a Kindle eBook in the works, as well as an online learning curriculum and a fabulous new business partner, I feel like I’m finally on a road that I recognize as a sustainable and rewarding path to career success.


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