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The Echo Friendly – Same Mistakes

Posted in daily, femme, music journalism on May 7, 2012 by bex0r

you know how sometimes a song just fits perfectly with a certain moment, memory or movie scene? last night’s episode of Girls summed up with this incredible piece of John Hughes’ inflected 80’s shoegaze mastery and it just worked.

the thrumming guitar, repetitive melody, shuffling rhythm and unrepentantly girlish confessional lyrics all make it the perfect placement for a series like Girls, and one that made total sense for this episode in particular. I wonder if Lena Dunham or Judd Apatow chose it or if she has a person doing supervision for the series? (hint hint artists!)

This is *the* show for 2012, and I can only imagine how fast this relatively unknown boy-girl duo are going to blow up because of this tidy little placement. With no full album release and just a handful of catchy alt-pop singles, they join a healthy number of artists who are getting major exposure through internet/TV placements and making it big right out the gate still relatively early in their careers.

check out the echo friendly on tumblr, bandcamp, or tweet @theechofriendly


the existential sock crisis (now with 20% more non sequiturs)

Posted in daily, journal with tags , , , on January 26, 2009 by bex0r

it’s sunday so I washed my hair. I tend to do all my best thinking in the shower, because that of course, is the one place where i cannot record any of my thoughts. I’m working on a prototype water-proofing method for my flip mino (who I’ve named Lloyd,) so he can join me in there.

sock map to the soul

sock map to the soul

I’ve yet to see anyone do a shower vlog, although I’m sure it’s out there. That’s not something that I’m going to actively seek out. I’d just rather not know and claim it to be an original thought of my own. i prefer the blissful waft of ignorance like so much french fry grease past an open window…

I’m really into 12seconds lately, taking microblogging into video format. tres cool. and not as easy as it sounds. I wonder if 12 seconds might be the new indicator of modern attention spans? Can you condense your message into 140 characters or less? No? well I guess you’re screwed.
I havent written here for awhile because I was feeling a little down on the whole blogging thing. Sometimes the internet can be too small a universe for two people. it can get slightly claustrophobic. I’ve always had a problem with anxiety and claustrophobia. my fear of small confined spaces has led me into many a strange circumstance (like having perpetually miss-matched socks and once getting busted trying to pee into an empty Orange Crush can on a trans-Atlantic flight.) I never want to crawl into the back of my closet to find those one-of socks. I have to wonder- do they just kind of disappear into the abyss when no one is looking for them? or is it only a longed-for sock that is elusive? if a lone sock falls in the forest does it make a sound?

time to get Flipped!

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time to get Flipped!

Originally uploaded by bex0r

So.. to celebrate national digital media day I decided to invest in a handy little piece of technology that is fairly new to Canada.
I want to start documenting this crazy process of musicking, schooling, learning, loving, etc that is my life. A record for posterity, perhaps. I’m not quite sure what the final result may be, and am unattached to the idea of any kind of end product. I want to start vlogging because I think it could be useful to me, in terms of utilizing my time more effectively, recording my thoughts and making a record of everything that happens to me this year.
I have a feeling about this year… some crazy stuff is going to happen and I want to remember it all! and share it with you, of course ;D
So keep an eye out for updates on the FB’s, flickr and youtube. I will see about setting up a vlog account somewhere, so if you have a recommendation please let me know!
I also am now the proud owner of
I’m doing all the coding myself as part of my Digi 110 class and I must say that CSS r0x0rz muh b0x0r currently. I think the last time I did anything with markup was probably HTML 2.0 haha. we’ve come a loooong way since I was 13 ;D

Looking forward to sharing all my crazy adventures with you!!

Recording at glassWing Studios with the inimitable Richard Sales!

Posted in daily, journal, rock & roll, writing on July 29, 2008 by bex0r

Current mood: artistic

So it’s official… if you haven’t heard yet I am recording my first professional EP-styles release with Richard Sales of glassWing studios!

Richard has engineered some amazing artists, from John Fahey to Danny Gatton to Bernice Reagon of Sweet Honey In The Rock and her wonderful daughter Toshi Reagon. He recorded Miles Davis (with Jim Smith), Wavy Gravy, Ken Kesey and tons of other folks.

He co-produced Hayley Sales’ first two records, First Flite and Drifter with Hayley. Produced Wavy Gravy (NAIRD award winning), Bhagavan Das, Shree Maa and Stories From The Hearth, winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

It should be noted that Richard Sales (and his GlassWing Studios) primarily wrote, produced and recorded music for film, interactive and video from 1989-2003. Most of his credits will be from that era: Nike, The Grateful Dead, PBS, Microsoft, ESPN, Apple, Intel, Warner Interactive, General Motors, Safeway, The Oregon Symphony and many more. From 2003 to present he has been developing his daughter, Hayley Sales. He ghost co produced, recorded and mixed Sunseed at GlassWing Studios.

The album, which has been un-offically dubbed “The Honesty EP”, will feature my original songs Righteous Babe, This Love, Kimberly, What’s Your Sign? and Joan Baez. I might also be including the spoken word piece Fire, but that’s still a work in progess, but if you think I should include it then by all means let me know. I’m all about artist feedback!
Lending his sweet guitar licks and mandolin will be my lovely accompanist and partner in crime Tad Ruszel! As well the incomparable Marisha Devoin on upright bass, and Mr. Galen Mongeau on cajon/percussion. I am so thankful and excited to have this amazing talent on my team…

Recording sessions are booked for August 20-28th, so count on seeing The Honesty EP appear in its final conception around mid-September!

I’ll be sure to send out a mass email with a link where you can obtain my little baby. *tear*

It’s akin to giving birth, that’s all I can say! So much time, energy, work, money and love invested in this little bundle of joy, I truly hope it will bring as much love to all you guys as it has for me.


Michael Franti and Spearhead! New Track!!

Posted in daily, journal, rock & roll on July 28, 2008 by bex0r

Days Go By

Posted in daily, journal, rock & roll on July 6, 2008 by bex0r

Wow.. Long time no update!

So much is happening in my life right now I forget about blogging, basically everything is taking a backseat to my music right now.

I quit my day job. (!!)

I found a GREAT producer.

I’m making an album in August.

I wrote a grant proposal that I submitted last night.

I’m working at the Comox music fest next weekend.

Performing at the Islands Folk Fest in two weeks!! It’s been my dream to perform there, ever since I was a little girl. Last year I did get on stage with T. Nile. but that was more of a nice gesture to me for being there, helping her out with the management aspect. This time it will be me, my music, my audience. Feels so great to be getting somewhere!

I am taking a weekend off to go check out Soundwave. Camping, music, beach, friends, fun!

I’m registered with both Uvic and Mal for the fall..  Uvic wouldnt give me any credit for my arts management certificate so I probably will end up going to mal for a year then transfering to Uvic. credits intact. haha

So things are happening, slowly but surely. Keeping my fingers crossed on this grant!

Also quit smoking and I’ve dropped a few lbs.. island life is so good for me!

the lost food group

Posted in daily, journal, writing with tags , , , on March 25, 2008 by bex0r

This past long weekend I journeyed to Vancouver Island to visit my family for Easter.  I’m beginning to see what my life might be like when I move back in less than a week. I felt like a balloon being slowly deflated. So maybe I made the wrong decision. Maybe I am running away. I gave myself a year to live and work over here after school and I guess things didnt really end up how I’d hoped. I wouldnt say I’ve failed, but I definitely havent lived up to my expectations. And I guess that is why I’m leaving.  I have so many things left to do in my life and I want to make an impact. The best way I can see to change the world is to continue my education, get the credentials so people will take me seriously (because no one takes me seriously enough,) and bring down the system from the inside. I guess the anarchist in me in kicking and screaming at the thought of being locked into yet another institution for 4+ years. I dont like rules. I like setting my own alarm. I don’t follow the crowd. I leave them shocked and confused as I wonder off solo in search of greener pastures.   In a way I can see my mind has gotten lazy, my self-discipline has gone soft and I’m looking forward to a little corporeal punishment.  I like whipping myself into a frenzy over exams, pulling all-nighters and discussing idiotic professors over coffee with my classmates. Life as a Student is one that I know well, and frankly- i like it. Maybe it’s perverse, but atleast it’s safe. I dont have to worry about paying rent on some stack of decaying bricks I dont even like, I can surround myself with wonderfully intelligent and often annoyingly contrary friends, just like me! I’m hoping I won’t feel like such a freak if I’m a freak with a law degree?