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congratulations! you’ve won the rabies lottery!

Posted in daily, journal, writing with tags , , , , , , , , , on March 15, 2008 by bex0r

So i keep getting these emails saying I’ve won 50 gadjillion dollars in some overseas lottery. Thankfully most of them are diverted by my junk mail filter so I never have to actually see them, but occasionally one or two slips by. But it gets me to thinking… what if I actually won a lottery? how would it change me? or would it? I like to think I’d do what stereotypically cliche lottery-winners say and spoil my friends a little. Take everyone on a killer trip, maybe to hawaii or burning man or something. rent RV’s and fill them with pygmy goats and silly string and just get lost for a month or two. or give everyone I know really cool video cameras and $5000 to make their own indie films and then host my own film fest, with the winner getting a really cool prize. or I’d throw a really killer private concert with someone like U2 or dj shadow, but only for my real friends. fake friends would so be wishing they’d invited me to their parties or called me on my birthday. Maybe I’d fall in with the wrong crowd; start vacationing in miami, get a total plastic surgery  makeover and develop a severe cocaine problem. Actually, that sounds pretty alright to me.  On a totally unrelated note, I’ve been inundated with SXSW fever this past week. It seems like it’s everywhere, I keep seeing friend’s amazing shots of rockstars and hearing crazy stories about moon towers and mobile party RV’s. To say I’m a little jealous would be a shocking understatement. On the otherhand, I just heard there’s been an outbreak of rabid bats inhabiting the Austin convention center. Maybe it’s a good thing I passed this year. ;D