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SXSW 2014 Top 10 Must-See Artists

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So it’s been a few weeks of combing Soundcloud, Pandora and Spotify playlists for what I consider to be the “must see” bands of South By Southwest this year. As it’s the first year I’ll be attending (after wanting to go for about eight) I think the pressure is even greater to make it count, get the most out of my free ticket as possible. Who knows when I’ll be able to afford to go again? (wishful thinking/potential goal: every year!)

Even if you’re not going it’s a great opportunity to find out about stellar up and coming acts you might not have heard yet. For me, it’s a 50/50 mix of never-before-heards and dear friends 🙂 I’ve put together a playlist of my favorite tracks from this year’s roster of talent announced so far –  so let it stream while you browse my list! If you like what you hear, please return the favor with a follow on Soundcloud or a comment.

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Your Weekly Playlist – Vol. 5

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excuse my absence as of late — tings been poppin!
last week I took a few days and visited the city of Portland and blogged all about it here:
but I’m back this week with more choice picks for your listening pleasure 😉
without further adieu.. here is

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Your Weekly Playlist – Vol. 4

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alley sc0rez

what was initially a slow music week has turned into a total deluge in the last 24 hours – so many great releases and release announcements. has me pretty stoked for the next month or so. spring is totally like christmas for music junkies 😉

speaking of christmas, I found this in my alley over the weekend. and it works! now to dig out the antique Advents with matching wood veneer!

here’s my wishlist for this week…

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Your Weekly Playlist – Vol.3

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Phew! What a week! Tons of new music and  craziness going on right now- post-SXSW and CMW always results in a ton of new bands and artists to check out. Here are some tracks that caught my ear this week…

Your Weekly Playlist

1) Desto – Can’t Take it (Forthcoming)  [EDM]

2) Bassnectar x Beats Antique –Voodoo (Download) [Dubstep, EDM]

3) The Pharmacy – Dig Your Gave [Indie, Grunge, Psych]

4)  Synkro – I Miss You (Download) [Dark, Minimal, Ambient, EDM]

5) Bassnectar feat. Lupe Fiasco – Vava Voom [Dub, Bass, EDM]

6) Sharon Van Etten – One Day (Download)  [Indie, Rock]

7) HUMANS – Horizon (Nautiluss Remix) (Download) [Indie, EDM]




8) Ben Howard – Under the Same Sun [Indie, Folk]




9) Wake! Owl  – Wild Country [Indie, Folk]

10) Lady Danville – Operating [Alt, Indie, Rock]

11) Visitor Seven – UYIO [Minimal, Tech, EDM]

12) Niki & the Dove –  Tomorrow [Indie, Rock]

Mix of the Week

13) Maya Jane Coles BBC Essential Mix (Download) [Deep House, EDM]

Submit your tunes for Your Weekly Playlist!
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Your Weekly Playlist

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Due to the nature of my job and proximity to music all day, every day, all year long- I’m constantly coming across new indie acts and great songs you should be listening to.

I think it would be rude not to share the wealth, no?

so from now on I’m going to be posting a new feature, “Your Weekly Playlist” every Wednesday. It won’t be genre specific, but just anything that is good and current that I think people should know about.

Have a listen and if you think your stuff compares, you can submit your tunes to me in my Soundcloud dropbox.

Send me your sounds

so here’s what’s stuck in my earholes this week:

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Arrah and the Ferns Review

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Arrah and the Ferns – Evan is a Vegan (Standard Recording Company, 2007)


Emo Philips

It was to my dismay that upon recently discovering this quartet from Muncie, Indiana, I learned that they infact had already broken up!
Alas, the sweet sweet sounds of Arrah and the Ferns are no more, but rather than dwell on the negative, I prefer to look at the glass as half-full.
They released a gem of an album, which it is my pleasure to now share with you.

AATF span the pop spectrum from the Beatles to Burt Bacharach to the B-52’s with their campy combination of cheerfully up-beat keyboards, crisp electric guitars and 50’s style swing rhythms.
The perfect blend of ear-pleasing pop hooks and kitschy lounge lizard throwbacks are offset by grunge-tastic guitar solos and a distinct sound that ranges from organic folk to post-studio pop.

Evan is a Vegan mixes immaculate pop compositions with skillful low-fi production values to affect an authentic indie garage sound. Arrah’s pitch perfect vocal takes keep it from sounding amateurish or low quality and the discriminating instrument selection avoids a sound that is overdone or contrived.

Their catchy sing-along chorus hooks are paired with unpretentiously ironic and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, resulting in a guilt-free pop listening experience equally suited to chilling out solo or cutting a rug with some chums.

The lyrics of Arrah are a pleasant mix of bittersweet girlish confessions paired with mature insights into love, work, death and the nature of human relationships.
A commentary on the trials of everyday life, the album brings to mind moments spent wandering down sunlight-dappled paths through birch woods, complete with birds singing and cute furry animals.
Far from being saccharine sweet or annoyingly optimistic, Arrah drops the odd strangely macabre line of poetry that leaves the suggestion of a slight edge and self-awareness missing from most lyrical pop compositions.


“If I’m alive this time tomorrow, then I’ll have more time to kill. maybe we could rearrange the furniture?”

A stand-out track for me from the album is “Bernadette,” featuring a distinctly bluegrass good-time feel (care of Arrah’s “banjolin,” a hybrid combination of banjo & mandolin!) reminiscent of sunday front-porch jams, home-brewed moonshine and charmingly rural square dances.

Also of note is their (now-defunct) website, prominently featuring unicorns and rainbows… two supremely cool aesthetic motifs.
Unfortunate as their dis-banding is, I feel their defunct status strangely adds to their indie credibility, placing this group well within the undefinable and highly elusive “cache of exclusiveness.”


You can visit their myspace or head over to Standard Recording to purchase “Evan is a Vegan”

happy listening! ;D