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video killed the radio star

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on March 19, 2008 by bex0r

so last night was a ton ‘o fun at CJSF, student radio Simon Fraser. I tagged along to witness a session of Melodies in Mind, a folk/alternative show that happens every tuesday at 8pm. You can scoot over to their myspace to hear clips from last night’s “Myspace Round”.  It was rather good! I totally wanted to sit in and play with everyone but there was a lack of room in the sound booth. hehe. it was cozy in there, for sure! Anyways good news- the host Ryan has booked me for the show next month, April 29th, so I’m stoked to have that coming up. A good excuse to make adventures in the city and visit all my lovelies over here. Before I forget, I wanna send some love out to the performers from last night: Laura Artus (and her bassist, name escapes me,) Shera Kelly, Samantha Leigh Kelley and of course, Ryan. Everyone did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend checking them out. Go look at their pages, see when they’re playing and go see some live music.

Which leads me onto my next little rant, it’s about Vancouverites and live music. There are so many great musicians that are struggling in this town, just trying to get their names out there and make enough to eat and pay rent. Why dont people go see live music more? There’s no excuse for it. We have some of the best artists and venues in the world here. Places like the railway club, the biltmore, anza, rime, cafe deux soleils, media club, and more coffee shops that you can shake a stick at. Why does hardly anyone come out for these? And yet when a big name act comes to town people will shell out $100+ dollars for shitty seats, shitty sound and bands that are totally played out. it makes me really effin’ angry.

So that’s your mission. Go check out some of our great independent musicians in vancouver this week. You wont regret it!

Here’s some resources to find out what’s going down in your hood:

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