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Nietzsche’s Noble Spirit and the Value of Personal Fictions

Posted in writing with tags , , on February 6, 2010 by bex0r

In this essay I will outline the concept of the noble spirit as Nietzsche sees it operating in his master morality and why this concept is critically significant to philosophy; namely, because he establishes the concept of human beings as “value-creating” organisms and exposes the weakness of philosophic convictions built on a highly subjective ground of truth. The problem, Nietzsche so critically and appropriately proposes, is not that we have beliefs, but that we endorse and propagate them on unstable and false grounds—mainly, the idea that they are true. I will argue that Nietzsche succeeds in his description of a master morality mainly on the strength of an astute conception of human psychology as it manifests itself in social dynamics and the structures of power.

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the lost food group

Posted in daily, journal, writing with tags , , , on March 25, 2008 by bex0r

This past long weekend I journeyed to Vancouver Island to visit my family for Easter.  I’m beginning to see what my life might be like when I move back in less than a week. I felt like a balloon being slowly deflated. So maybe I made the wrong decision. Maybe I am running away. I gave myself a year to live and work over here after school and I guess things didnt really end up how I’d hoped. I wouldnt say I’ve failed, but I definitely havent lived up to my expectations. And I guess that is why I’m leaving.  I have so many things left to do in my life and I want to make an impact. The best way I can see to change the world is to continue my education, get the credentials so people will take me seriously (because no one takes me seriously enough,) and bring down the system from the inside. I guess the anarchist in me in kicking and screaming at the thought of being locked into yet another institution for 4+ years. I dont like rules. I like setting my own alarm. I don’t follow the crowd. I leave them shocked and confused as I wonder off solo in search of greener pastures.   In a way I can see my mind has gotten lazy, my self-discipline has gone soft and I’m looking forward to a little corporeal punishment.  I like whipping myself into a frenzy over exams, pulling all-nighters and discussing idiotic professors over coffee with my classmates. Life as a Student is one that I know well, and frankly- i like it. Maybe it’s perverse, but atleast it’s safe. I dont have to worry about paying rent on some stack of decaying bricks I dont even like, I can surround myself with wonderfully intelligent and often annoyingly contrary friends, just like me! I’m hoping I won’t feel like such a freak if I’m a freak with a law degree?