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What is this whole “Riot 2010” thing about anyway?

Posted in activism, politics, writing with tags , , , on February 16, 2010 by bex0r

I’ve been asked this more than once in the past year, and despite frustration with lack of education and awareness of such critical issues as homelessness, environmental destruction, corporate colonialism and native land claims, its refreshing when people express an interest or atleast an openness to hearing about the causes, instead of knee-jerk defensive reactions that stem from ignorance, fear and antipathy.

This message was distributed via the Burning Van email list and I’d like to share it because it encapsulates many of the sentiments which are present in the current resistance to the 2010 winter games as well as summing up nicely how the reality of a situation can differ greatly from media spin.

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Global Media Newscast: The Olympics and Global Resistance

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When the Olympic Games come to town, often the sounds of patriotic anthems, fanfare and athletic competition are overshadowed by the louder calls for peace, equality and social justice. History has shown that where the International Olympic Committee treads, exploitation, repression and controversy are not far behind. While mainstream media outlets in each host city might not have the freedom to cover these issues, an emerging independent media force consisting of citizen journalists utilizing new media technology is laying the groundwork for an alternative source of Olympic coverage featuring alternative narratives, greater transparency and a more inclusive ethos of community participation in the Games.

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